Gineers design and develops different kinds of software. The main aim of our software is to expand possibilities of use of our hardware instruments. We are trying to make more common software for data processing, although we do also unique client orders to fulfil all client requirements. It is possible to change or add functions in existing software. We also offer free-ware, written by us in our practical work.

Our programs work under different operation systems - DOS, Win 98/2000/XP, Linux.

We offer the following software

Software, related to scales

Software, related to m-bus remote reading systems

M-bus Serial Communicator

M-bus Serial Communicator v2.1 (obsolete)

Software for direct reading of tax instruments and m-bus slaves. The connection is made via MBRS-xx converter. Database - SQL, defining of instruments and groups of instruments (up to 4 levels in tree-oriented), detailed reports, billing, automated readouts. Different access levels for different users, usage of several communication ports simultaneously, control of RS-485 converters (if used).

M-bus GPRS server

M-bus GPRS server

Server-side software for reading n-count M-bus networks through GPRS. Database - SQL, network defining, group defining, instruments defining, automated readouts, detailed reports, billing, user accounts, etc.

Конфигурационен софтуер за m-bus уреди

M-bus Config

Config software for Gineers pulse counters. It is free for download - section Downloads.

Конфигурационен софтуер за m-bus/modbus конвертор

M-bus to ModBus Configuration software

Configuration software for Gineers m-bus to modbus converter MMCR-64. It is free for download - section Downloads. For complete ModBus map of this device contact Gineers.


Other software

Терминална програма GiCOM


Freeware terminal RS-232 program, written by us. Has a lot of useful functions.

Конфигурационна програма за везна SCT


Software for setting and calibrating SCT scales. A kind of "software scale".

Повторител към сериен порт Repeater


Automated repeater of text files to serial RS-232 port.