“GINEERS” Ltd. was established on 07.03.2006г. in Sofia, Bulgaria. The aim of the firm is to design and produce quality products in the field of measuring and automation electronics. The experience of her establishers in creating programmable units for measuring and controlling tasks, mostly industrial, allows creating of unique systems, completely suitable for the specific requirements of the client. We also produce typical devices in large series, but that is not stopping us from modifications of the existing units. Although we have developed many modules and circuit boards in our work, we are not willing to do compromises with quality of our products - especially for the parts we are using. Our vision is that every device has unique specification and for that purpose we prefer to delay a few days or weeks some new product and make it right, instead of producing unappropriate device.

In our business we aim at quality design at first place, of course according to the client requests. After we design and produce some device, our ambition is to continuously improve that device in following directions:

  • functionality
  • design
  • repeatability

Most of our devices are in the field of wired and wireless m-bus - basically remote reading of data for both commercial and civil buildgins.

We also build complete systems for control and automation, providing among that quality software products.

We are always ready to change/add functions to our products when reasonable add-ons needed.


Partners and distributors

  • Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia
    Talinn, Haljas str. 25
    Tel.: +372 6 480 235
    Fax: +372 6 480 125
    www.tepso.ee, tepso@tepso.ee

  • UK
    Lancaster, White Lund Trading Estate
    Tel.: +44 01524 555929
    Fax: +44 01524 847009
    www.meters.co.uk, sales@meters.co.uk