М-bus (Meter-bus) is an European standard for remote reading of tax instruments and different types of sensors. The remote data acquisition can be accompished in various ways - by using local PC, SCADA, phone line or TCP/IP connection.

The use of M-bus interface allows fairly simple and cheap electronic reading of data with all the benefits. Despite that, more and more devices are produced with wired or wireless m-bus interface - temperature and humidity sensors, CO2 sensors, window and door sensors, smoke detectors, etc. This gives integrators a chance to have a compatible system in many ways and integrated in top-layer BMS or home control systems. This is where our production takes place - most of the devices we produce are aimed to be gateway between measurement devices like heat-,water-, gas- and electricty meters and main control and automation system.

We provide wired and wireless m-bus devices and also some specific protocol converters which are hird to find - like Mbus-to-Modbus for instance. Or IEC 62056-21 to Modbus converter, which probably is produced only by us. We produce both master and slave devices and our philosophy in this area is each device to have clear main function. We do not do all-in-one devices, because usually each building/project has its differences. We also develop software for remote reading or users can use our WEB portal for viewing their consumption.

Gineers Ltd. is a registered manufacturer of M-Bus device (EN1434) by The flag Association Limited.

We offer the following device types:

M-bus supply converters

M-bus supply converter MBRS-250

Wired m-bus converters

Microcontroller two-way full-duplex M-bus to RS-232С/RS-485/Modbus converters, with ability to supply maximum of 250 standard m-bus slave devices.


Wireless m-bus

Wireless m-bus concentrator WRM-TS

Wireless m-bus devices

Wireless m-bus concentrators, repeaters, sensors and mixed devices (wired/wireless m-bus). Working in modes T,S and C. Supporting AES-128 Mode 5 encryption/decryption and in general OMS compatible devices.


M-bus repeaters

M-bus and Modbus slave devices

Pulse counter with m-bus MBCS-2/4/6/8

M-bus and Modbus pulse counters

Microcontroller pulse counters with 2/4/6/8 inputs to connect with pulse water- or heat- meters. They can be with m-bus or modbus interface, rechargeable battery, RTC, with or without LCD display, internall tariff counting and more. Designed for DIN-rail or wall mounting and different IP degree of protection.


Communication gateways

Ethernet transceiver MBET-2WR

Ethernet, GPRS, IEC 62056-21 and analogue converters

Communication devices to transfer data through Ethernet, GSM/GPRS, phone line, etc. Modbus TCP devices for m-bus or IEC 62056-21 devices (electricity meters).


M-bus data centrals

M-bus master with TFT display MBM-TFT

M-bus data centrals

M-bus masters with LCD or TFT display, data memory, historical values and additional data. Can be connected to communication device for remote reading. Fully compatible with our wireless m-bus converters like WRM-TS.



M-bus Serial Communicator

M-bus software

Software for reading and setting m-bus/Modbus devices. Free and paid software with database for complete remote reading. Free software for using with wireless data collector WMR-IoT.