New devices and sensors in wireless m-bus OMS area

Next wireless m-bus devices to expand our product line in this area are ready. New devices are wireless m-bus repeaters (with power supply or battery powered), wireless m-bus concentrator powered by wired m-bus, wireless m-bus pulse counter, temperature and humidity sensor with wireless m-bus. More information can be found in our wireless m-bus section


New devices in wireless m-bus area - USB master/repeater, smart apartment OMS receiver with WiFi module

Gineers is expanding the portfolio in wireless m-bus devices area. We now have small (only 50x25x15mm) USB master and/or repeater for modes T, S and C. They are combined with usefull and free software. We also developed smart wireless receiver with WiFi interface, intended for apartment use. It will be launched in November officially


After IEC 62056-21 converter, now GINEERS is developing DLMS-to-modbus converter

Gineers has developed IEC 62056-21 converter to modbus - . Usually 62056-21 is used on optical port of the electricity meter. Nowdays, on serial interfaces of most electricity meters communication standard is DLMS (IEC 62056-46). So, we are developing small single unit, which will be a bridge between DLMS and Modbus RTU/TCP.


GINEERS is developing smart universal m-bus load, intended for m-bus manufacturers

Gineers has made universal programmable m-bus load. It is intended for m-bus manufacturers who wants to test precisely their devices. M-bus load can sink current from 10mA to 500mA. It supports slave response of most of the m-bus manufacturers (like Kamstrup, Siemens, Sontex, Bmeters and so on). Moreover, it can be load with additional predefind m-bus telegrams and respond automatically. The idea is manufacturers to test in almost real conditions their m-bus masters and m-bus software. Device will be officialy in our product list from 05.2019. For more details - ask us.


Two new smart m-bus converters

Gineers has designed two new smart converters - MBnano and MBU-250. MBnano is an USB-based converter, supporting maximum of 10 slaves. It is generally intended for technicians and engineers on the field. MBU-250 is a multi-purpose converter. It has several input interfaces - RS-232, RS-485, USB and m-bus input (to be used as repeater). It can power up to 250 standard slaves.


MBus Communicator software for remote reading stopped

Gineers is stopping to sell database billing software MBus Communicator. We are planning to upgrade and go to next level, allowing our present and future partners to do complete online and live reading. So, MBus Communicator is no longer available. Already purchased and sold copies will be supported as usual.


New product range in m-bus field - wireless m-bus concentrators and repeaters.

Gineers is in final stage of launching on the market wireless m-bus products. The first two devices are wireless m-bus concentrator for up to 250 meters and, of course, wireless repeaters. The devices are intended to collect and save full data from any wireless m-bus device in modes S, T1 and T2 (for now). It also has wired m-bus interface, which allow users to build mixed m-bus networks, using our concentrator as wired m-bus gateway to get data from wireless m-bus devices. On the other hand concentrator can be connected to any communication or display device of Gineers for further data processing. Official release date is expecting to be 01.09.2016.


New m-bus device - m-bus manometer

Gineers designed a new m-bus device - two-channel manometer with m-bus interface. Device is intended for 4-20mA transducers, converting the measurement in 0-16 bar range. It has autonomous switching power supply in order to feed the transducers. Furthermore, device can be manually corrected in linearity for exact match of different 4-20mA devices. MPPS-2 has short-circuit protection on all inputs - power supply, measurement inputs and m-bus. More information at its page - MPPS-2


New m-bus device - m-bus thermometer

Gineers desgined a new m-bus device - two-channel thermometer with m-bus. Device is intended for Pt1000 sensors, with or without compensation. Furthermore, device can be manually calibrated for exact match of different sensors. MBPT-2 feeds from m-bus network and is 2 standard loads. More information at its page - MBPT-2


State of the art m-bus to modBus converter for up to 64 m-bus slaves.

Full cover of m-bus fields, automatic search of devices, most of the m-bus functions. Free software for configuration available and full modbus map. Device is suited for all BMS engineers who have difficulties to embed m-bus into building BMS. More information at its page - MMCR-64


Next generation updates and changes in Gineers m-bus master converters

Entire re-design of the converters. New microcontroller, better and faster isolation between interfaces, improved power supply.


Ethernet converter with three pulse inputs is available

Aimed for end-user device, it can easily report consumption for up to three devices, connected to its pulse inputs. DHCP available, automatic connection to Gineers web server every hour. Free web portal for reports, available grpahic and CSV download.


Gineers developed new cheaper pulse to m-bus converter

The new pulse counters are with 2- and 4-inputs, in new IP54 box. They are intended for wall mounting and main advantage due to MBHS is that they are cheaper and with better waterproof. They are called MBHL-2 and MBHL-4


Gineers is developing new device in the field of remote readings - GPRS pulse counter

The pulse counter will be with two pulse inputs, battery powered, GPRS connectivity and protection calss of IP65. The new device is planned to be ready in the beginning of August, 2013.


Gineers updated MBHS series of m-bus counters - they are in new enclosure with better terminal blocks and additions to the firmware and m-bus functions

MBHS now comes with new enclosure - with better terminal blocks, blinds and smaller size. We also did some firmware additions due to secondary addressing modes. More info you can find on MBHS page


Gineers has made changes to its ethernet converter - now MBET-2 can act not only as client, but as well as server, waiting for remote connections

This allows remote users to connect to MBET-2 directly and do a readout of connected m-bus network, local display or whatever RS-232 device is connected to MBET-2


Gineers with new device - m-bus master, combined with display

Gineers has developed a new device - combined m-bus master with local display. The idea is to simplify and lower the price for remote reading when no ethernet or GPRS functionality is required. The devices are in two different ranges - one device for up to 40 slave devices, named MBM-10, and another for up to 250 slaves, named MBM-64. more info you can see on designated web pages - MBM-10 and MBM-64 .

New devices will be available for direct sell from 05.02.2013.


Gineers has added remote functionality to the free software for m-bus devices

Gineers has made totaly new version of the free software for setting and reading m-bus devices. The new version is completely changed according to user interface and with new functions. The idea is to simplify the things for the client and to give more functionality without charging the client. The new version has the capability to read through ethernet or GPRS m-bus networks (of course, if our modems are used) and to read/write MBD-X250 with ethernet support. It is not in the free download section, we provide the software only by request.


Gineers has added ethernet functionality to local display MBD-X250

Gineers has added additional options to its local display MBD-X250. Now it can be ordered with Ethernet (LAN or WLAN) interface for remote reading and setting. This gives remote connection of the user without using our external ethernet or GPRS modems. More information on device page - MBD-X250 .


Gineers has updated weigh scales software for automotive scales

New version of Autoscales is available, which combines work with truck scales and normal platform scales. It was developed by special request and has client and server application. Management of storages is introduced, remote link, more detailed reports, etc. More information on our software page.


Gineers has re-designed some of it's m-bus converters (MBRS-10 and MBRS-32)

The purpose is to improve mounting and wiring.


Gineers is developing a new device - combination between local display and m-bus converter

In the beginning of 06/2012 Gineers start developing new combined device for use in small networks for remote reading. It will be local display for 32/64 standard m-bus devices. The idea is to lower the price and ease the installation of remote reading system for small buildings. The new device will have smaller display than regular MBD-X250, but enough to program information about the user. Mounting will be again DIN-rail. The first devices of this type are expected somewhere around the end of September, 2012. This device you can find in our production range under name of MBM-32.


Test page for web remote reports

Gineers now has two different web applications for remote reading. You can see one of them (“lighter” application) HERE , with user:ivan and password:ivan1. This application is made only using php and css, so it is very light and mobile. In the moment we are developing serious upgrade to this, more news very shortly.


Gineers with new weigh-measuring devices

Gineers has made two new devices for weigh measuring. One is from the series 4100 and the other is upgrade of SCT-2. The idea is to offer more choices and functionality to our clients - both mounting and prices. Two galvanically isolated inputs for 12/24VDC are added. G4100 can be mounted on a panel, and SCT-2B is intended for DIN-rail.


Gineers with re-design of GPRS converter MBGP-1A

Gineers is making re-design of its GPRS converter. The idea is to use most modern technologies and to reduce the cost of this converter. That way we will be competitive on the market and the device will have new functions as well.


Gineers is developing modern software system for distribution control

In the moment Gineers is developing software system for OS Android and XP. The system should be capable of handling control of storage, accounting and distribution processes in a trade firm. More news at the end of May, 2011.


Gineers with official partner and distributor in UK

After nearly two years of successful business in UK, Gineers now have official partner and distributor in this area - Meters Co. UK. On 29.03.2011 an agreement between the firms was signed, hopefully for the better opportunities for both Gineers and Meters Co. Additional details about the english firm you can see in our section "About" or on their web site -


Gineers is developing web application for remote reading reports

Gineers is developing web application, capable of handling reports for different users about their consumption - electricity, water, heat, etc. This application works with the main software for Gineers in this area - Mbus Serial Communicator and Mbus GPRS server. The aim is to simplify data reports and to respond to growing needs of modern applications, which are easy to install and use. Somewhere in the middle of May it will be accessible through our web server for testing and suggestion of any kind.


Gineers with new Ethernet/LAN converter for remote readings

Gineers has re-designed its ethernet converter for m-bus networks and remote readings through Internet/LAN. The new converter is with more capabilities and brand new design. MBET-2 can both be use in remote reading systems with other Gineers hardware or as a stand-alone device, connected to other supplier's instruments. More about technical specifications of MBET-2 you can see here.


Gineers with simplified and updated version of configuration software for m-bus devices

Gineers with simplified and updated version of configuration software for m-bus devices The new version of the software is simplified and has more functions. Any device with m-bus can be read, still only Gineers m-bus devices can be set and programmed. Older version is available for download, but with no support any more.


Gineers with new, simplified serie of pulse counters with m-bus

Gineers with new, simplified series of pulse counters with m-bus - MBHS-2/4/6/8. The purpose of MBHS device is to provide cheaper solution, still maintaining excellent quality. These counters have less functions and hardware than industrial series MBCS/MBSS, but are ideal for remote reading in civil buildings. More info you can see here.


Gineers developed stand alone report unit for m-bus/modbus networks and devices

Gineers made new stand alone unit, used to read and visualize data from m-bus or modbus devices in a network. It's main purpose is to be mounted in buildings and to show information about water, heat, gas or electricity consumption by people living there. Can be connected also to other gineers modules for remote transmission like GPRS, ethernet or phone modems. Successfully installed in several civil buildings.


Gineers is developing new m-bus power supply converter

Gineers is developing new m-bus converter for 10 slaves. The aim is to have full range m-bus converters, so the user to have optimal price choices when building such network for reading devices. First units are expected at the end of February, year 2010.


Gineers with new pulse counters, modbus network

On 03.02.2010 Gineers officially integrated new pulse counters with modbus in production. They are intended for stand-alone reading of tax instruments with pulse output, but also they have modbus interface and can be connected in one network for automated reading. These counters are equipped with two-line LCD display, keyboard and backup battery. You can see more info here.


Gineers developed new universal analogue converter

Gineers has made new universal analogue controller, type UC-025P. These new converters have current, voltage and RS-232 input and current or voltage output. Input and output are galvanically isolated. Converters of that type are programmable in the meaning of making different range of converters - 4..20mA, 0..20mA, 0-10V, 0-5V and so on. Completely replace all older analogue converters, made by Gineers, excluding RS-232/RS-485 converter. You can see more info here.


Gineers integrated phone modems for m-bus in mass production

On 28.09.2009 Gineers finished first phone modems, intended for m-bus networks, type MBLM-2. They are intended to read m-bus networks through phone line and are suited to all other m-bus devices from Gineers. More info about these modems you can see here.


Gineers is developing phone modem for communication with m-bus devices

Gineers is developing own phone modem for communication with m-bus power supply converters. The idea is to expand range of communicating devices for remote reading. At this point we offer RS-232, Ethernet and GPRS communication. With these new modems we will expand options to the end customer.


Gineers with first sale in UK

Today Gineers has made officially first sale in the United Kingdom. It is m-bus related - m-bus converters and software.


Gineers has expanded m-bus slave devices range

From 19.07.2009 Gineers expands range of it's slave m-bus devices. M-bus pulse counters are now with variable count of pulse inputs from 1 to 8, additional functionality was added, related to m-bus protocol. This way Gineers hopes that will give more flexibility to all customers when building m-bus systems for remote reading.


Gineers with new series weight measurement indicators

Gineers has officially introduced new series of weight measurement universal indicators. More information about them you can see here. Old indicators G1601 and G5100 are stopped from new manufacture, but will be supported for service and prophylactic.


Gineers with brand new web site

From 27.05.2009 Gineers have a brand new web site. For this we are very thankful to the professionals from Odigy. They show what is the meaning of the word “quality”.

GPRS module for m-bus system

Remote data transmission using GPRS

In the moment Gineers is continuing to test remote data transmissions, using GPRS technology. Hardware side of the project is up and running, optimizations of the server-side software are taking place. Aim: automation and centralization of data readouts from tax communal devices. Expected deadline of the project: 01.08.2009.


Upgrade of devices for remote readings of tax instruments - introducing wireless communication

In the beginning of the year Gineers developed own wireless system for data transmission in buildings and open area. This includes pulse counters with wireless, concentrators, etc. Aim: to accomplish wireless readout of communal tax devices (water-, heat, electricity- meters) in civil buildings, where is impossible or very hard to build m-bus network. In the moment final testing is taking place. Expected deadline of the project: 22.06.2009.


Adopting ISO 9001:2001 quality standard

In the present time Gineers is adopting ISO 9001:2001 international standard. Aim: to assure identical products, repeatability and prove quality on paper too. The system will be introduced officially on 15.06.2009, after three months a real certifying will take place.

Gineers stand in ITF - Plovdiv 2008

Gineers on International Technical Fair - Plovdiv 2008

Gineers was an exhibitor on the last International Fair of Plovdiv - 29.09.2008 - 05.10.2008. We thanks to all our present and future clients for the interest. See you all on the same place next year.

Petter Solberg in WRC Greece 2008

Team building in Greece for WRC Rally Acropolis

All employees of Gineers are WRC fans (especially of Loeb, Matthew Willson and Latvala). We were at WRC Acropolis 2008. Next year we are going to Movistar RACC Rallye de España (03.10.2009), expect photos and details.