RS-232C to RS-485 converter C-285IA

RS232/RS485 converter C285IA

C-285IA is a half-duplex galvanically isolated RS-232C – RS-485 converter. It is used in industrial applications, when the need of galvanically isolated interfaces in industrial 'noisy' environment is critical. Also, standard RS-232 is used to maximum 100 feet cable length and is a point-to-point type of communication. RS-485 is multi-device net and is used to cable length up to 4000 feet. The mounting is made on a standard М36 DIN-bus.

user manual

Main technical parameters of C285IA

max number of devices in 485 network 32
speed 300-115200 bps
maximum distance in 485 network 1200m
power supply 100-250 VAC (140-350 VDC)
power consumption < 3 W
isolation voltage > 600 VAC, > 1400 VDC
work temperature from 0° C to +50° C
storage temperature from -50° C to +90° C
dimensions (H/W/D) 86/70/57 mm
protection class IP30
own weight 120 g

Normal mode of operation

C-285IA starts immediate work after providing power supply. The control of transmitting/receiving data is done by RTS line of the device with RS-232 interface (CTS line of C-285IA). When RTS is high (“0” for data), C-285IA is a dedicated output to RS-485 net, and when RTS line is low (“1” for data), C-285IA is a dedicated input to RS-485 net.

Mounting and electrical wiring