GINEERS is designing and producing different kinds of converters, used in industrial applications. All converters have galvanically isolated power, input and output circuits up to 1500 VDC. There are RS232C-RS485, 0-5АAC/ADC to standard current loop 4-20mA (0-5mA), 4-20mA to 4-20mA, m-bus to RS-232 and other converters available. We can produce any type of converter by client's request. The converters may come in different type of boxes in order to fulfill different requirements of our clients. We often use converters in our own devices when building major automation systems, although they can be bought as a standalone device.

We offer the following devices:


RS232C/RS485 converter C285IA


Galvanically isolated transceiver of serial RS-232 standard to RS-485 standard for transmitting data, external data direction control (RTS)

RS-232 to RS-485 with automatic RTS


Galvanically isolated transceiver RS-232 to RS-485 serial, automatic data direction control (RTS)

Universal converter UC-025P


Galvanically isolated voltage/current converter. This converter has voltage, current and RS-232 input. Output can be different range current or voltage. Fully programmable (including linear correction), mounted on standard M36-din rail

M-bus to Modbus converter for 64 slaves MMCR-64

M-bus to ModBus converters

Microcontroller two-way full-duplex M-bus to Modbus converter, with ability to supply maximum of 64 standard m-bus slave devices. Very detailed ModBus structured information.

IEC 62056-21 to Modbus converter for 32 slaves ELM-07

IEC 62056-21 decoder to ModBus

Converts data read from electricity meters to ModBus RTU and/or TCP. Acts as a master in the network of up to 31 electricity meter. For each meter up to 64 selectable registers can be decoded (active energy, reactive energy, etc.)


General information

We build converters for various electrical signals - voltage-to-voltage, current-to-current, voltage-to-current and current-to-voltage transducers. Also we have various converters for transmission of data using different protocols - RS232-to-RS485, RS232-to-Mbus, Mbus-to-USB, etc. Most of the converters we design and produce to use in our own automation and controlling systems. After that they often become stand-alone devices for direct selling.

We are glad to design and produce other types of converters, when ordered.

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