Dosing and control block CFP-602

Dosing and control block CFP-602

CFP-602 is a stand-alone unit for measurement and control, used in industrial applications for dosing materials and automation. It is built according to a request from "ELIA - 2" Ltd., a firm, manufacturing packed coffee beans. This controller controls two channels for packing simultaneously, achieving 10 packs/minute for each channel (1kg pack).

user manual

Normal mode of operation

The controller controls two channels for packing. Each channel has two furrows for the beans - one big and one for fine dosing. The coffee beans are transported through furrows in result of a furrow vibration. The power of vibrations is controlled by the controller.Then the coffee falls into special baskets, which are fixed to a load cells, class C3. The load cells is used to measure weight. The algorithm of work is as follows:

- the valves on furrows are opened

- the controller starts the electromagnetic vibrators, so the coffee beans begin to move toward the measuring basket. The power of vibrating is a set-up parameter in percents Full Power

- when the weight of the beans reaches assigned load for the big furrow, valve for this furrow is closed and this vibrator is stopped

- when the weight of the beans reaches assigned full load (the desired weight of a coffee packet), the fine dosing valve is closed too, and that vibrator is stopped

- a test is started, which purpose is to verify that the measured weight is in the maximum permissible error range, set in the receipt.The time for this test is a parameter in the receipt too (according to it more or less measures for verification are made). If the weight is lower than desired, again the fine dosing valve is opened, and vibrator for that furrow starts too

- If the test results are acceptable, a signal to open the bottom valve of the measuring basket is given by controller. The coffee falls in an open packet below

- through a relay switch controller passes command for sealing and cutting the ready packet

Additional possibility is to work in multi-weighing mode, i.e, the controller doses multiple times particular weight, and after the n-th measure gives a command for sealing and cutting. This is necessary when the capacity of weighing basket is lower than the desired capacity of a ready packet. The machine has two separate dosing channels, which can work independently or simultaneously, controlled by CFP-602.

Additional information

The standard capabilities of CFP-602 are:

  • work with two electronic scales simultaneously
  • control of 6 pneumatic electromagnetic valves, 24V
  • control of 4 electromagnetic vibrators, used to provide transportation of the product from storage bunker to a weighing basket
  • 2 output relay switch signals, which gives signals for sealing and cutting a packet (end of the process), and 1 input – for starting a dosing and packing cycle

A speed of 10 packets/minute is achieved for 1kg packet, error of +-10gr. The two channels can work simultaneously, delaying from each other on 50% of cycle. In that mode a speed of 20 packets is achieved. It is possible to achieve more precise measuring, but the speed of packing will decrease. Also, the precise of measuring is usually a projection of mechanical design in that kind of complete automation systems. The client interface consists of LCD display 4x20 (four rows with 20 characters each), and a keyboard of four buttons for set up and work. An emergency STOP button is provided, which stops immediately every activity

The following parameters can be set-up by user:

  • weight, when the big furrow is stopped
  • weight total
  • time to verify the measured weight
  • number of weighings (in multi-weigh mode)
  • delay of signal for sealing the packet, after the coffee falls in it (ms)
  • power of vibrating (separate for each furrow) - in percents full power of electromagnetic vibrators
  • number of cycles dosing/sealing, followed by automatic command "ZERO" to the embedded electronic scale

16 different receipts/presets can be memorized (combinations of parameters). The unit is designed and build entirely by "GINEERS" Ltd. Everything is made in a sub-unit principle. That gives us flexibility in similar projects ordered, which is in fact our main purpose. In this case the electronic has been put in a dust- and waterproof box, made by Himel (IP 65), suitable for industrial purposes.

Additional option is a connection to personal computer via RS-232C standard and design of suitable software, according to the needs of a particular client.