Control block GTS-305

Control block GTS-305

GTS-305 is a system, which measures and controls the weight in three hoppers, filled with good for producing PVC pipes. Each hopper is mounted on four load cells, and via GTS-305 one can control their load and to react when critical minimum load is left in a hopper. This is done remotely, because the information is transmit to a personal computer via RS-485 built network. The computer can send also commands to GTS-305.

user manual

Main technical parameters of GTS-305

weigh measurement modules 3
capacity of each module 15 000 kg
division value 5 kg
serial interface RS-232 to RS-485 using our converters C-285IA
serial interface speed 1200 - 38 400bps, 8, N, 1
max interface cable length 1200 m
power supply 220V AC
work temperature from -10° C to +40° C
dimensions (H/W/D) 600x400x150 mm
own weight 23 kg

General information

The idea behind this automation is to get a full statistic of changes in the weight of the hoppers. That way the supervisor can make analyses for the produced amount of pipes (in that case) and optimize the process. On the other hand this helps preventing (or at least spotting) malicious acts of stealing or other sabotages.

The three weighing and controlling units are connected in RS-485 network. Each has a unique logical address. To achieve this we use our converters RS-232 to RS-485 - C285IA.

A special software for Personal Computer is developed by Gineers. The program reads all hoppers one by one periodically (the interval can be set up). A database is build from the received data, and the supervisor can make and export various kinds of reports. The program has an alert for critical weight and additional functions, useful for the supervisors.


The software is developed specially for this order by "Gineers" Ltd. It has several modules: configuration, statistical and work module. For more info please refer to our software section. The software can be changed for each individual case.