GINEERS is designing and producing different kinds of control, automation and dosage systems. Mostly they are unique, produced according to special orders, but they were built using module principle. That way the systems are very flexible and we can react quickly on special request. At the moment we have designed: special control for dosage and packing of coffee beans (2-channels); standard 10-channel general purpose dosage system, using relay switches; control and statistics for the weight of multi-channel dosage system, control and dosing of materials for concrete production in concrete center, controller for filling ventile bags with cement and other dry mixes (based on weight measurement), etc. When such kind of special units and devices are build, it is necessary to control different kinds of electronic, mechanical and electro-magnetic hardware, and also different kinds of motors - either standard synchronous and asynchronous AC motors and stepper motors. Although we have designed many modules and complete devices, we also produce unique kinds of equipment when ordered.

We offer the following products:

Automation and dosing units and modules

Dosing and automation unit CFP-602


Full control of two-channel dosage and packing system for coffee beans

Weight control unit GTS-305


Unit for measure and control 3 hoppers for goods simultaneously

Dosing and automation unit GDC-701


One-channel dosage system for packing cement and other construction mixes in ventile bags

Dosing and automation unit GDC-702


Dosage and control of materials when producing concrete

Relay switch module GRS-10


Unit for general purpose 10-channel dosage via relay switches


General information

Automation and control of dosage systems are boundless topic, which demands constant elaboration and supplementation of modules to already designed units. The main goal, which clients are trying to achieve, usually is precise dosage when executing receipts or packing goods. That is, because there are many standards and regulations, which must be complied in packing and producing foods and other goods. Nor the less, a control to the manufacturing must be applied, avoiding malicious acts of sabotage and stealing, and also providing full statistics, which can be used for optimizing the process.

When dosing of weight must be accomplished, the main goal is not to achieve very precise measurement, but to achieve repeatability of the whole process. That way receipts and dosing will be guaranteed 100% correct. In most cases the mechanics of the system have the key role to achieve the aim, not electronics. This is often underestimated and must be take in mind, when building complex automation systems.

We have developed dozen of systems, successfully embedded in real working environment, working already a few years without problems. We are aiming also at building and developing unique specialized control and automation systems, when ordered.