Industrial devices series 4056

Devices from series 4056 are digital indicating instruments, intended for use in industrial applications. For now only 4-digit indicator is developed, for direct panel mounting. Height digit is 14.0 mm, dimensions are: (H/W/D) 48/96/85 mm (w/o plugs).

We offer the following devices:

Digital indicator D4056


4-digit programmable indicator


General information

D4056 indicator is a seven-segment indicator with four digits, intended to show number value up to 4 digits with decimal point. This device can be mounted on front panel directly. Every digit is controlled individually - with four data inputs А, B, C and D, accepting BCD coding, and three control inputs LE, BL and LT. Decimal point control for every digit is separate, if leaved NC that particular decimal point will light.


The display of all series 4056 units is super bright red with height of 18 mm. The visible height of the digit is 14.0 mm, the common viewable area is 80x18 mm and it is covered with special purple filter for better readability in any cases and ambient light. The display is viewable from distance of min. 3m.

Power supply

Series 4056 units can be powered by voltage of 12V DC.


Dimensions of devices series 4056 are (H/W/D) 48х96х85mm(without plugs).