Industrial devices series 5036

Instruments from series 5036 are programmable measurement and indicating devices, intended for industrial applications. To that moment we have developed instruments for measuring time, frequency, K and voltage. It is possible to make instrument for any other given quantity (like pressure, humidity, etc.) - when ordered. All devices from this series are with 5-digit display, digit height of 9.0mm and dimensions (H/W/D) 48/48/70 mm (without plugs).

Catalogue devices 5036

We offer the following devices:

Hour meter THM-5036


microcontroller hour meter (time of work)

Timer TT-5036


universal microcontroller timer

Thermometer TC-5036


digital thermometer for measuring temperature in range -40 to +125 degrees Celsius

Fuel mix analisator FMD-5036


fuel mix analisator


General information

Series 5036 devices are designed on the basis of Atmel microcontrollers and are fully programmable. Service and user settings are saved in non-volatile memory. This memory has about 1 000 000 write-erase cycles which makes it practically ever-lasting. Service settings are code-protected; so can be made the user settings. They have two buttons for setup/calibration and to switch between different user functions.


The display of all series 5036 units is super bright red with height of 12 mm. The visible height of the digit is 9.0 mm, the common viewable area is 35x12 mm and it is covered with special purple filter for better readability in any cases and ambient light. The display is viewable from distance of min. 1m.

Measuring principles

Devices from series 5036 can measure time, frequency, K and voltage. The limits are:

- time in range of 0,1ms - 99999h;

- frequency in range of 1Hz - 1MHz;

- K in range of 0,1% - 100%;

- voltage in range of 0V - 5,0V (step 0,02V).

Power supply

Series 5036 units can be powered by voltage of 8 - 35V DC.


Dimensions of devices series 5036 are (H/W/D) 48/48/70mm (without plugs), which makes them suitable to direct panel mounting, and in some special cases - automobile front panel.