M-bus repeater MBRP-64

M-bus repeater MBRP-64

MBRP-64 is a microprocessor two-way full-duplex M-bus to M-bus converter, with ability to expand existing network with up to 64 additional slave devices. It is intended to expand and segment given network up to 314 m-bus devices. It is protected for short circuit in the output. Mounting of the unit is done on a standard М36 DIN-rail.

user manual

Main technical parameters of MBRP-64

nominal output voltage (mark) 36 VDC ± 1 V
maximum count of slave devices 64
m-bus input consumption 2 standard m-bus loads (3mA)
maximal output current 140mA
output voltage in condition ‘0’ (space) 22 ÷ 25 VDC
power supply 150-250 VAC (200-350 VDC)
power consumption < 7 W
maximum baud rate 4800bps
humidity 40 ÷ 90 %
work temperature from -20° C to +55° C
storage temperature from -50° C to +90° C
longest distance in the network with one MBRP 1200m
display 7 indicating leds (On, protection, output voltage, over range, collision, receiving, transmitting)
dimensions (HxWxD), mm 105/104/74 mm
protection class IP44
weight 390 g

Operation of MBRP-64

Mounting and electrical wiring