Thermometer with m-bus MBPT-2

Thermometer with m-bus MBPT-2

MBPT-2 is simplified microcontroller thermometer with m-bus interface. It is intended to measure temperature with Pt1000 sensors, with or without compensation. MBPT-2 has m-bus interface and 2 channels for connecting Pt1000 sensors. Since sometimes there are slight differencies between Pt1000 sensors offset and angle correction through m-bus can be added (with manufacturer specific telegram) in order to calibrate thermometer correctly. Initial check and calibration are carried out in Gineers laboratory during manufacture of the device, assuring correct measurement on standard Pt1000 sensors (IEC870). Mounted on a standard М36 DIN-rail.

user manual

M-bus telegram

Main technical parameters of MBPT-2

nominal m-bus voltage 36 VDC
allowable m-bus voltage 12 ÷ 42V DC
nominal power consumption 3mA (2 standard m-bus loads)
number of channels 2
display none
temperature range -50 to + 120 degrees Celsius
precision 0.1 degree Celsius
m-bus baudrate 300 to 2400 bps
initial m-bus baudrate 2400 bps, Even
dimensions (H/W/D) 86/53/61 mm
work temperature from 0° C to +50° C

General information

МBPT-2 are simplified 2-channel thermometers, intended to be connected in m-bus network. These devices do not have display and keyboard, but can simultaneously measure temperature on two separate channels. Device is designed for measuring with Pt1000 sensors, which are factory calibrated to comply with IEC870 standard. Device feeds only from m-bus network, that is why it is two standard m-bus loads. There is no backup battery because there is no point, since MBPT-2 returns only actual and instant measured temperature. Further processing of the data (like timestamps, etc.) should be taken from master device. It comes without Pt1000 sensor in the complect, but of course we can suggest suitable sensor, if asked.

M-bus information