Manometer with m-bus MPPS-2

Manometer with m-bus MPPS-2

MPPS-2 is simplified microcontroller manometer with m-bus interface. It is intended to measure pressure from 4-20mA transducers, with maximum of 16 bars. MPPS-2 has m-bus interface and 2 channels for connecting 4-20mA pressure sensors. It is with autonomous power supply from the grid, making it ideal for both passive and active sensors. Measured value is transformed in range 0 - 16 bars, with precision of 0.01 bar. Linear correction can be carried through m-bus in order to calibrate manometer to a reference 4-20mA generator with special manufacturer specific telegrams. Device has short-circuit protection on both inputs, power supply and m-bus interface making it "hard-to-break". Mounted on a standard М36 DIN-rail.

user manual

M-bus telegram

Main technical parameters of MPPS-2

power supply 55-250Vac/85-350 Vdc
nominal m-bus voltage 36 VDC
allowable m-bus voltage 12 ÷ 42V DC
nominal power consumption 3mA (2 standard m-bus loads)
number of channels 2
display bi-color leds for Input activity, m-bus led
measurement range 0 to 16 bar
precision 0.01 bar
m-bus baudrate 300 to 2400 bps
initial m-bus baudrate 2400 bps, Even
dimensions (H/W/D) 86/71/61 mm
work temperature from 0° C to +50° C

General information

МPPS-2 are simplified 2-channel manometers, intended to be connected in m-bus network. These devices do not have display and keyboard, but can simultaneously measure current 4-20mA on two separate channels and transform it to pressure. Device is designed for measuring from passive 4-20mA pressure transducers, that is why it has autonomous switching power supply inside. All devices are factory calibrated with reference current generator. However, there is a possibility user to carry out his own linear correction for a particular sensor. This is made with special m-bus telegram and can be done with Gineers software. According to m-bus device complies with basic m-bus telegrams (like SND_NKE, RSP_UD2, primary and secondary address change, etc.) and is two m-bus loads for the master converter (3mA). There is no backup battery because there is no point, since MPPS-2 returns only actual and instant measured pressure. Further processing of the data (like timestamps, etc.) should be taken from master device. Status of the inputs is signaled with two bi-color leds. They has three conditions - green (all OK), yellow (sensor not connected) and red (short-circuit). Presence of m-bus is singaled with additional standard LED. All inputs are protected against short-circuit - signal inputs, m-bus and power supply. Device is mounted on a M36 DIN-rail.

M-bus information