Serial terminal program GiCOM

Terminal program GiCOM

Software "GiCOM" is made for testing and diagnostics of serial RS-232/RS-485 communication between PC and some device. Because we deal for a long time with RS-232 interfaces, we have to use often diagnostic programs to discover errors in communication. Because there are no suitable terminals - or at least kind with all functions we need, at the end we wrote our own. It is free-ware and can be download from section Downloads

This program is tested under Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 and should also work under Windows 8 and Windows 10.

user manual

General Information

User can select and/or set every COM port up to number 250. It is possible to manage RTS line, if the communication is RS-485. Commands sent through RS-232 port can be either hex numbers or ASCII symbols. When a command is sent, it is memorized in the Combo box, so not to be written again on the next sent ( because in some cases command strings are reeealy big). When data is received, special ASCII characters are recognized and displayed with their meaning, and CR is a new line. The program is keeping Track of received/sent bytes and if the information is not enough for the user - pressing button "More >>" will open a new window with very detailed information about every byte, including his parity check. An option to load text file with commands is provided - every command must be on new line in this file. Further more, all commands can be send automatically with delay in ms.

Received data can be printed or saved in text file. The file is very detailed and allows tracking of that data. Calculation of received time is also done (but is not working now), and simple CRC.

When the program starts, it do not opens serial port. The user must manually connect to the chosen serial RS-232 port. Set-ups are saved in *.ini file with same name as the program. Saving is automatic - when the user close the program.

This is first version, tested from us, and we will be grateful for feedback. Any reasonable comments and suggestions for adding/changing functions are welcome and will be done free.

In 2019 program is updated - we added TCP communication and fixed all known bugs. So, we recommend to download version GiComLan from our Downloads section.

This software is tested under Win95/98/2000/XP/Windows 7. It should work under Windows 8 and Windows 10, but there are no guarantees.