Config software SCT

Config software SCT

Software "Sct" is developed to set and calibrate intelligent weight PCB Scale transducer . Simply talking, this program is electronic scale, which reads weight data through serial interface. Because PCB Scale transducer is minimized as possible, it do not have display or keyboard. That is why this program is used.

Works under Windows 95/98/2000/XP.

user manual

General information

Main metrological parameter can and must be set up - the window on the left. These are number of metrological divisions and division value. All other scale parameters are dependable on that, so they are accomplished as constants in Scale transducer firmware. Standard EN 45501:2001 is applicable.

The other general procedure is to calibrate SCT with real weight. In the central part of the program window there is seven-segment display, who shows current measured weight from SCT. Using this information the user can calibrate the scale.

All parameters set and calibration carried out can be saved in a file.

This software is tested under Win95/98/2000/XP. PC must have at least one RS-232 serial port.