M-bus master with display for up to 40 slaves

M-bus master with display MBM-10

MBM-10/40 is intended to supply and read up to 40 m-bus slave devices. It can store and display additional data for each slave such as free text, user number, medium measured, etc. It's LCD 2x16 blue display is enough for basic user information. User can program up to four tariffs in MBM-10 memory. MBM-10 can remember 12 history points, which are saved on every 1-th date of the month at 00:00h. All data in MBM-10 memory can read through serial RS-232 interface and Gineers software for remote reading. Additionally, MBET-2 or MBGP-1A converter can be added in the system for distant reading of MBM-10 readouts. Mounted on a standard М36 DIN-rail.

user manual

Main technical parameters of MBM-10/40

number of slave devices up to 40
power supply 55-250 Vаc/ 80-350 Vdc
maximum consumption ‹ 2.2 W
display LCD, 2 lines, 16 symbols each
keyboard 4 membrane buttons
storage temperature from -50° C to +90° C
work temperature from -10° C to +50° C
humidity from 40 to 90%
dimensions (H/W/D) 90/105/76 mm
interface RS-232 serial
data transmission speed 300/1.2k/2.4k bps
initial setup of serial interface 2.4kbps, even parity, 8 bit data, 1 stop
own weight 410 g