M-bus master with TFT display

M-bus master with display MBM-TFT

MBM-TFT is intended to supply and read up to 250 m-bus slave devices. Can be ordered in 3 versions - for 64, 128 or 250 slave meters. It can store and display additional data for each slave such as second main value, additional pulse inputs (for heat meters), two rows of free text, user number, medium measured, etc. It has 5” TFT display with resolutin of 800x480 pixels. This allows more information and color graphics, compared to its precestor MBM-64/250. User can program up to four tariffs in MBM-TFT memory. MBM-TFT can remember 12 history points, which are saved on every 1-th date of the month at 00:00h. In difference with older MBMs, here user can see on the display historic values, not only read them through RS-232 interface. All data in MBM-TFT memory can read through serial RS-232 interface and Gineers software for remote reading. Additionally, MBET-2 or MBGP-1A converter can be added in the system for distant reading of MBM-TFT readouts. All external connections are with plugs, box should not be open when installing. Mounted on horizontal (desk) or vertical (wall) surface.

user manual

Main technical parameters of MBM-TFT

number of slave devices 64/128/250
power supply 55-250 Vаc/ 80-350 Vdc
maximum consumption ‹ 25 W
display 5” TFT, 800x480px
keyboard 6 metal membrane buttons
work time without power supply 14 days
storage temperature from -50° C to +90° C
work temperature from -10° C to +50° C
humidity from 40 to 90%
dimensions (H/W/D) 170/195/70 mm (w/o plugs)
interface RS-232 serial
data transmission speed 300/1.2k/2.4k bps
initial setup of serial interface 2.4kbps, even parity, 8 bit data, 1 stop
own weight 1.2 kg

General information

MBM-TFT is our next generation data central. With its TFT display it gives user much more information than standard MBM-64/250. It is allowed up to 50 symbols on each row (2 rows) user information to be programmed. In addition, special attention is paid to heat meters. MBM-TFT supports showing on main screen automatically additional values such as:

- second main value (Heat/Cool meters)

- up to two extra pulse inputs

For remote communication external converter like MBET-2 or MBGP can be connected, but next step is to add Ethernet and USB communication in MBM-TFT for fully remote device.

Changes due to user requests are possible and welcome since with tihs screen device is very flexible.