лю-bus (Meter-bus) is a new European standard for remote reading of tax instruments and different types of sensors. The reading is accomplished by several different methods - from direct reading of current indication of the instruments to fully remote reading of all devices in the net by GPRS technology. The use of M-bus interface allows fully electronic reading of data with all the benefits of it.

Generally we develop independent devices, so the customer have the flexibility to choose what system to build. Anyway, in some cases customers want to have combination between m-bus master and visualization of the readings. That is why we offer two types of devices, which have m-bus master functionality and data reading, storing and displaying function. This eases installation and lowers the price of the system, when only local reading must be provided. Devices are separated by the number of slaves they can supply.

Catalogue for remote readings

We offer the following data centrals:

M-bus master with display MBM-10


M-bus master with display for up to 40 slave devices

M-bus master with display MBM-64


M-bus master with display for 64 or 250 slave devices

M-bus master with TFT display MBM-TFT

MBM-TFT 64/128/250

M-bus master with high resolution 5” TFT display for 64, 128 or 250 slave devices. Gives opportunity for much more user information on the screen (especially for heat meters). Compatible with all Gineers communication devices.



Our m-bus centrals are separated for small networks (up to 40 slaves) and medium networks (from 64 to 250 devices). The two types are in different cases and with different capabilities. While the small one has 2x16 symbol display, the bigger is with 4x20 LCD display or TFT 800x480px. Both series can save historic values for a year back and if needed, can be expanded with Ehternet or GPRS converter to transmit data remotely. Mounting is different - MBM-10/40 are for standard DIN-rail mounting, the others are designed for desk or wall mounting.

All devices require 220VAC power supply.