Stand alone report unit MBD-X250

Табло за отчитане MBD-X250

MBD-X250 is a stand alone device, which is used to read all m-bus/modbus devices in a network. MBD-X250 is equipped with large LCD display, showing information for every device and has big non-volatile memory. MBD can be programmed what to show for every device in the network - user number, address, free text up to 20 symbols (both cyrillic and latin), current consumption, consumption for maximum a year back, etc. It can be connected to other devices such as GPRS transceivers, phone or ethernet modems to send data to a remote location. MBD-X250 is usually used when instant reading ‘on place’ has to be done repeatable by person and the client do not want to invest in software for reports or modules for transmitting data to a remote central location. Up to 250 devices can be connected via modbus or m-bus convertor to one MBD-X250. Data is shown every six seconds for each device separately, showing measured consumption and programmed info.

MBD is meant to be mount in industrial enclosures either on the front door or inside, maintaining visible access through transparent door.

Form 2013 there is modification of MBD-X250, which allows direct ethernet connections to MBD-X250, without using external device. This is an option and should be specifically ordered.

user manual

General technical specifications of MBD-X250

max number of devices to read 250
power supply 55-250 Vаc/ 80-350 Vdc
maximum consumption < 2 W
display symbol LCD, 4 rows 20 symbols each, backlight
keyboard 6 membrane buttons
basic interface 2хRS-232C
additional interface Ethernet (should be ordered specially)
humidity 40 ÷ 90 %
work temperature from -20° C to +55° C
storage temperature from -50° C to +90° C
dimensions (HxWxD), mm 72/144/65 mm
mounting hole dimensions(HxW), mm 67/137 mm, no roundings
data transmission speed 300/2.4k bps
initial setup of serial interface 2.4kbps, even parity, 8 bit data, 1 stop
backup battery LiMnO2 60mAh
weight 400 g

General information

MBD-X250 is specially developed for use in remote reading systems. By using it a fully automated centralized remote reading of one or several close networks can be achieved. The user can see all needed information on MBD’s LCD display, or can connect other device to transmit data to a remote location.

MBD-X250 stores and remembers reports for a year back and this info can be reviewed any time. This unit is completely programmable according to connection details, devices connected and info about every device.

If ordered, MBD can be with ethernet interface (RJ-45 plug) for direct connection to LAN or internet. This will allow reading and writing data remotely. That way external remote reading device such as MBET-2 or MBGP-1A is not necessary. This is an option, not included in the basic MBD-X250, so should be ordered properly.