лю-bus (Meter-bus) is a new European standard for remote reading of tax instruments and different types of sensors. The reading is accomplished by several different methods - from direct reading of current indication of the instruments to fully remote reading of all devices in the net by GPRS technology. The use of M-bus interface allows fully electronic reading of data with all the benefits of it.

There are two ways to collect data and prepare reports and billing:

  • direct connection of calculating device (PC, laptop, PDA, etc.) to m-bus supply converter
  • data transmission to remote locations using GPRS or Ethernet

For the second variant we have developed modules, which can be connected to the main supply converter and to transmit information to a remote location. These modules are designed to be connected to n-networks, so to achieve centralization, without making the system too expensive. For now we are offering variants with GPRS technology, analogue phone line and ethernet transmission.

We also produce stand-alone devices for remote monitoring - pulse counters with Ethernet and GPRS, temperature monitoring devices with Ethernet and others, described below.

Catalogue for remote readings

We offer the following modules:

IEC 62056-21 to Modbus converter for 32 slaves ELM-07

IEC 62056-21 decoder to ModBus

Converts data read from electricity meters to ModBus RTU and/or TCP. Acts as a master in the network of up to 31 electricity meter. For each meter up to 64 selectable registers can be decoded (active energy, reactive energy, etc.)

Pulse module for remote transmission MBGP-3EP


GSM/GPRS to RS-232 converter, with 4 standard pulse inputs. Can act as a bridge or stand-alone unit for counting and sending pulse information. Supports 4G networks.

Ethernet converter for remote transmission MBET-2


Ethernet converter for m-bus networks

M-bus ethernet converter with pulse inputs


Ethernet converter with pulse inputs

Modbus RTU Ethernet converter


Ethernet converter with RS-485/RS-232 interface (modbus RTU)

Phone modem for remote transmission MBLM-2


Phone modem for m-bus supply converter

Reporting unit MBD-X250


Stand alone unit for reading tax instruments via m-bus converter or modbus

Temperature monitoring unit EI-122


Communication device with 10/100 TCP interface, two channels for temperature measurement with Pt1000 sensor and 4 standard pulse inputs. Powered by external adapter (included).


Types of m-bus modules for remote transmission

Our m-bus modules for remote data transmissions are two main types: transmission using GPRS technology and transmission using ethernet. Both types have input RS-232C, used to connect to main m-bus supply unit in the network (MBRS-xx device). GPRS modules can work with every mobile operator, who offers GPRS connection. For the purpose a SIM-card must be inserted in our module and necessary info about the connection to be memorized in the device. We offer configuration software for this. After set-up, connection parameters can not be changed by operators, which collects read data.

Ethernet modules allows readout data to be transmitted through local ethernet network. Our ethernet module is organized similarly to GPRS module - separation between functions of control and data operator. It is useful in buildings, where local network/internet exists, because without serious investment the client can achieve full centralization of the remote readouts.

All module types are powered from standard power supply 220/230 VAC, and they can work without problems down to voltage of 170 VAC.


Special precautions are taken against data manipulations are malicious intended acts. Several data operators have different access, and the control and data operators are independent from each other. Service data is written once by the manufacturer or when installing the device and setting the system.