Embedded scales

Weight measurement modules are build on microcontroller base, they are fully programmable and have EEPROM memory for saving parameters and data. These circuit boards are developed with purpose to be embedded in bigger and more complex automation systems and devices. Because weight measurement is a specific area of electronics, standard controllers can not handle with it easy. That is why we made SCT-1 and SCT-2. Dimensions are minimized as possible, display and keyboard are not available. Calibration processes and set-up can be done through serial RS-232C or RS-485 protocol. Protocols are freely downloadable at our web site, of course the user can buy our specialized software too.

Scale catalogue

We offer the following scales for embed:

Embedded scale SCT-1


Microcontroller circuit board with serial interface, simple

Embedded scale SCT-2


Microcontroller circuit board with serial interface and relay outputs


General information

SCT-x are a stand-alone scales on a circuit board. They are intended to be embed in bigger and more complex devices and instruments. Mostly is used when dosing processes take place and weight measurement is needed. It is build of ADC, memory, serial interface and a small microcontroller. Power supply is 8-30V DC. Scale calibration, and the following weight measurement can be done only via serial interface RS-232/RS-485, using special software, developed by GINEERS. Data protocols are free downloadable at our web site.

Measuring principle

The weight measuring principle is based on measuring resistance. The load cell basically is a Wheatstone bridge with four tensometers. When force is applied (weight), the deformation causes change in the resistance of these tensometers. Because a supply voltage is applied to the bridge, this occurs as a voltage change in the output of the bridge. The problem here is in the very small voltages, that should be measured - between 1mV and 10mV. SCT-1 and SCT-2 are based on a modern sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter. Time for a stable measure in standard boards is 1.5s for full equilibrium. It is possible to achieve faster measurement (about 80ms for good measurement), which takes place in industrial applications and can be ordered.

Power supply

SCT-x must be supplied with 8-30V DC.


Dimensions of SCT-1 is (H/W/D) 77/50/15mm. Mounting can be made everywhere, using 4x3mm holes intended for this at the board.

SCT-2 can be mounted in DIN-rail enclosure, which has dimensions 91/71/61 mm. Or can be again used as raw PCB in bigger enlosure, among with other boards. All connections (sensor, power supply, inputs/outputs and interface) are on temrinal blocks 2.5mm.