Weigh scale indicators

Our weigh scale indicators are based on microcontrollers and are fully programmable to different kind of scales. All set-ups and parameters are memorized in EEPROM memory. For standard instruments the user do not have access to metrological parameters, otherwise requirements of EN 45501:2001 will not be suited. We have basically two types of indicators - universal kind with many functions, and a simpler one for basic scale functions. It is possible to connect our devices to PC using RS-232C/RS-485 serial interface. Data transmission protocols are freely downloadable from our web site, is someone wants to write his own software. Of course we also can offer various kind of software for scales, developed by us.

Scale catalogue

We offer the following devices:

Universal indicator G1602


Universal weight measuring unit, intended for building scales

Simple indicator G5102


Simple indicator for building a scale

Universal indicator G1601

G1601 (obsolete)

Universal weight measuring unit, intended for building scales

Simple indicator G5100

G5100 (obsolete)

Simple indicator for building a scale


General information


Measurement principles

The weight measuring principle is based on measuring resistance. The load cell basically is a Wheatstone bridge with four tensometers. When force is applied (weight), the deformation causes change in the resistance of these tensometers. Because a supply voltage is applied to the bridge, this occurs as a voltage change in the output of the bridge. The problem here is in the very small voltages, that should be measured - between 1mV and 10mV. G1602, G1601 and G5102 are based on a modern sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter from Analog Devices, but G5100 uses more traditional way to measure voltage - dual slope architecture. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, but they cover the basic requirements of the scale standard EN 45501:2001 (OIML R76-1 and R76-2 recommendations). Time for a stable measure in standard instruments is 1.5s for full equilibrium. It is possible to achieve faster measurement (about 150ms for good measurement), which takes place in industrial applications and can be ordered.

Power supply