Set-up software for MBCS/MBSS - M-bus Config

MBCS/MBSS set-up software - M-bus Config

MbConfig is designed and developed to set-up slave's parameters in given m-bus network for remote reading. It is used also in Gineers manufacture for testing MBCS/MBSS/MBRS devices.

It is free for use and can be download from section Downloads

Works under 95/98/2000/XP/Vista.

user manual

General information

This program makes it's own database with parameters and data for every slave device in the network, can communicate with slaves using their logical address and production number, can manage the whole network. Parameters, which can be changed for given slave in the network, are:

  • ident number
  • measured quantity
  • unit for that quantity
  • multiplication (only for Gineers devices)
  • tariff parameters - cost and active time for current tariff

Communication is suited to m-bus interface standard - EN1434-3. After set-up the devices can be locked, that way main parameters can not be changed through software any more. Tariff data can be changed any time, because it is for user information, not for billing. There are some other global options provided - like speed parameters, synchronization, search, etc.

Information for given network can be saved in separate file and in the future to be load for some changes. There is an option to print list of devices in the network, export to MS Excel and other useful functions.