Software for remote reading M-bus Serial Communicator (obsolete)

Remote reading software - M-bus Serial Communicator

Software M-bus Serial Communicator is developed for remote reading of tax instruments data in m-bus network through serial RS-232C/RS-485 interface. It gives wide possibilities for defining slaves and organizing them into groups and sub-groups. Protocols for m-bus (EN1434-3) and electricity meters (IEC61107,modbus) are implemented. Reading can be done either automatically (when defining day and hour) or manually. Supports standard reports and billing with protocols print i VAT calculation. Fully compatible with all functions of Gineers devices. Has several access levels, reports can be made from a remote computer.

This software works under Windows 2000/XP/Windows 7.

user manual

General information

This program is complete database software for reading m-bus network. Normally one network consists of maximum of 250 slaves, so in the program user can add or delete different networks. This software is built on several modules:

  • user module - 4 access levels
  • set-up module - communication parameters, protocols, printing set-up, etc.
  • instruments module - defining of tax instruments, with all necessary data, tariff defining (up to 4 tariffs), etc.
  • groups - organizing instruments in groups, up to 3 levels in tree-oriented structure
  • automatic readouts
  • reports, calculation and billing for various instrument(s)/group

Connection between PC and m-bus network is provided by m-bus supply converter, type MBRS-250/128/64/32/10. When the program is in stand-by, it is tracking time to determine whether automatic readout must be done. If so, the software activates, reads particular or all devices, saves read data and again going on stealth mode. Read data is seen in the main program. The user can initiate at any moment manual reading - when selects instrument/group/network and presses button "Manual read". All data is saved in SQL database.

From finished readings any data can be viewed for given time period, and also billing can be made, if tariffs are defined. There are four access levels for different user, the lowest priority level can only initiate manual reading and make reports and billing for period of time.

The group option (up to 3 levels deep) gives power to user to organize networks and instruments in a clean way. For every slave on the network there are two additional characteristics with user-defined information.

This software works under Windows 2000/XP/Windows 7 and is translated oin following languages: Bulgarian, English, Estonian, Russian, Lithuanian.