Set-up software for MMCR-64 modbus converter

M-bus to ModBus configuration software for MMCR-64

MMCR configuration software is a dedicated software for reading and configuring Gineers m-bus to modbus converter MMCR-64. Software uses our modbus map to read and write modbus register, search m-bus devices, change their characteristics, etc. It is written to ease the installation of MMCR-64 devices, but normally will not be used in BMS system. Very useful for quick start and demonstration purposes. Also can read any modbus device desired Input or Holding register and decode 16-bit registers in table view.

It is free for use and can be download from section Downloads Works under 95/98/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7.

user manual

General information

Since ModBus has wide usage and m-bus is a special protocol mainly for heat- and water meters, this device aims to connect heat-, water- and electricity meters in a building to the main SCADA. Selected m-bus devices can be activated in MMCR memory. Then, with programmed period, every m-bus device is read and information for it is updated in dedicated ModBus registers. This interval can be from 1 minute to 12 hours. For every device there is a register block, in which are saved all m-bus parameters:

  • main counter value
  • m-bus primary address
  • m-bus secondary address
  • medium measured
  • unit and constant
  • tariff information (for pulse counter with tariffs – like MBSS-xx)
  • additional inputs information
  • manufacturer of m-bus device
  • status, flags and additional info

Communication is suited to modbus interface standard and allows reading Input/Holding registers and writing Holding registers.

Note: Up to and including MMCR-64 firmware version v2.10 for each device are reserved 24 registers. From v2.11 registers are increased to 28 in order to save more data for a m-bus device. Software for 28 registers version works also with older devices, but version for 24 register can not work with MMCR 2.11 and higher.

Information for given network can be saved in separate file and in the future to be load for some changes. There is an option to print list of devices in the network, export to MS Excel and other useful functions.