Truck scale program AutoScales v1.1

Truck scale program Autoscales v1.1

Software "Autoscales" is developed to register measures from truck and train electronic scales. There are some special things in algorithm, when working with that kind of scales. Autoscales give possibilities of measurement cycle Net/Gross, measurement notes, detailed reports and other useful functions. User access is on 4 levels, which gives flexibility when creating and defining accounts. Uses SQL database and remote connection is provided also - i.e. database can be viewed from remote computer through LAN or Internet.

The program works under operational system Windows 2000/XP.

user manual

General information

Autoscale consists of 4 modules:

  • access module - four different access levels for certain user
  • measurement module - two-measurment cycle for each truck/car
  • report module - detailed reports. Export in MS Excel format for further processing, print
  • print module - two identical notes are printed every time, old note printing, set-up of copies count, set printer type, etc.

The specific thing with truck scales is that one cycle measurement consists of two separate measurements - Gross and Tare measurement. This is the only way to have Net value. Our program has algorithms to fulfil this principle. That means, that we do not allow a measurement to be registered for vehicle, already passed for first measurement (Gross or Tare). This also allows easy recognition of all vehicle, who entered, but not leaved yet.

Mandatory fields for filling are: vehicle number, driver's name (min 6 symbols) and good's name (min 3 symbols). To register current measurement as valid it is also required weight to be greater than 50kg and Net to be 0 or positive number. For a measurement - it can only be registered or simultaneously a note can be printed - operator's choice. Manual mode is provided for entering weight in cases of communication malfunction and this is printed on the note and reports too.

This program has very detailed reports, which can be done with various criteria, but always from date to date. Reports can be printed or exported in *.csv file, who is compatible with MS Excel. There are four access levels - Admin, Supervisor, Reporter, Operator. Each level gives different possibilities and access to the user, and Operator is the lowest priority account.

Additional information

Connection with electronic unit is made via RS-232/RS-485 serial interface. In the moment we have implemented protocols to work with electronic indicators of Gineers, HBM, “Libra engineering” and “Elicom Electronics”, but it is not a problem to add other manufacturers.

Database is managed through MySQL server, version 4.1.12 and higher. PC requirements are written in the user manual. Works under Windows 2000/XP.