Label printing software ViPrint

Label printing software ViPrint

Label software "ViPrint" is developed to design and print labels on thermo printer. For now only Datecs printers can be used, but it is not a problem to add other printer support. Up to five different label designs can be defined. This software was made by special request from "ViVenda" - meat producer with excellent products.

This software works under Windows 95/98/2000/XP.

user manual

General information

The program consists of several main modules

  • access module - three different levels
  • measurement module - communication with weigh scale
  • set-up module - communication set-up, barcodes, archive and others
  • article module - article defining and their characteristics for printing
  • report module - detailed reports for date to date, combined with different criteria. Print or Export to MS Excel
  • print module - label printing via serial or parallel interface

The idea of this program is to print dynamically labels with different information. Up to 32 variables can be printed on a label, some of them can be changed from operator if needed or are automatically changed (weight, barcode). It is possible to use five different designs of labels.

ViPrint keeps track of printed labels - for the last article and total prints made. Further more, detailed reports can be made and also to see graphically how measurements and labels for an article has been made.

Some variables are changed automatically, others can be changed by the user (right side of the main window). In this case the barcode is type CODE128B and is formed in a way, which guarantees unique label. The weight comes from electronic weigh scale, and after that a label is printed. Articles are ordered in tree-style, can be identified in groups as well. Article choice is made with mouse or when entering number in search field. ViPrint can work in three modes:

  • automatic label printing - weight is put on scale's platform, after equilibrium label is printed automatically
  • label is printed when operator presses button “Print”
  • manual mode - the operator can enter weight manually and also number of labels to be print

There is additional option to print label with summarized info for the last article. This data is shown in the main window too. Articles can be entered manually in the program or to be imported from Excel file.

Additional information

Connection with electronic unit is made via RS-232/RS-485 serial interface. In the moment we have implemented protocols to work with electronic indicators of Gineers, HBM, “Libra engineering” and “Elicom Electronics”, but it is not a problem to add other manufacturers.

Database is self-made (file structure), encrypted. PC requirements are written in the user manual. Works under Windows 2000/XP.