Software Govedo v1.0

Animal software Govedo v1.0

"Govedo" software is developed according to special requirements from "Biologika" for their animal farm. This program is processing measurements of cattle and also grain fodder. Animals and fodder are measured on different weigh scales and the software is working simultaneously with both of them. The main aim is to track animal feeding and evolution, and to calculate expenses for animal growth.

This software works under Windows 2000/XP and uses SQL database.

user manual

General information

The main window is separated on several areas. In the right side are data input fields. Required data is:

  • animal breed
  • ear mark
  • animal age, in months
  • cattle-shed
  • farm – there may be several farms with one owner

Cattle breed are entered in advanced, in articles section and are viewable in drop-down menu. In program status bar the user can see measured kilograms, single price, total price and current datetime. When note is printed, on the note there is all data, including prices. The price can be entered through the scale automatically or through keyboard for every breed.

Notes are with auto-increment number, starting from 1 in the beginning. In the left side of the screen there are two areas. In the upper in tabular view are shown all registered measures to this moment. In the lower area are shown all statistical data for animals. This is summary data for every breed, which can be also printed on different note. A measurement can be register either with printing or not - it is operator's choice.

This program has very detailed reports for all criteria - i.e. breeds, fodders, cattle-shed, farm, general report. Reports are always from date to date and combined with desired criteria. Reports can be printed or exported to MS Excel. There are four access levels for user - Admin, Supervisor, Reporter, Operator. Each level gives different access and possibilities to the user and the lower access level is Operator.

Additional information

Connection with electronic unit is made via RS-232/RS-485 serial interface. In the moment we have implemented protocols to work with electronic indicators of Gineers, HBM, “Libra engineering” and “Elicom Electronics”, but it is not a problem to add other manufacturers. Transmission initiative is from the scale - when pressing button.

Database is managed through MySQL server, version 4.1.12 and higher. PC requirements are written in the user manual. Works under Windows 2000/XP.