Scale software Standard Prog

Scale software Standard Prog

Scale software "Standard Prog" is developed to work with electronic weigh scale. It is similar to "Scales", but has some added functions and better, ergonomic view (at least we think so :)). The main purpose of this program is to register measurements for different articles, either for scales with article capability and those which can only measure weight. The user can define articles with name, number and price, to group them, to make summing with kilograms/price, to make reports and other useful stuff. There are user accounts with different rights. At the moment this software can work with scales, manufactured by Vedia, HBM, Gineers, Bimco and Datecs. Of course, we can always add other manufacturer or change/add functions in the program, according to special client requests.

This software works under Windows 95/98/2000/XP.

user manual

General information

As can be seen on the picture, most of the important things for the client are visualized in main window. Weight read from the scale is changed dynamically and on weight change total price is re-calculated simultaneously. Article can be chose from the left side of the window and this of course changes single and total price, according to measured weight.

The user can work in manual or automatic mode of measurement registration. Manual weight also can be entered. There is summing functions - if several articles are measured consequently, total price will be sum of all single measures. Of course, in the database every measurement is registered separate with it's own total price.

From measurements made the user can do detailed reports. Also, when a report is made, the program calculates total kilograms and price for current report. The report can be printed or exported in *.csv file for further processing with MS Excel.

Additional information

Connection with electronic unit is made via RS-232/RS-485 serial interface. In the moment we have implemented protocols to work with electronic indicators of Gineers, HBM, “Libra engineering” and “Elicom Electronics”, but it is not a problem to add other manufacturers.

The program works with it's own database (file structure) and can work under Win95/98/2000/XP/Vista. PC requirements are noticed in user manual.