M-bus wireless

лю-bus (Meter-bus) is a new European standard for remote reading of tax instruments and different types of sensors. The reading is accomplished by several different methods - from direct reading of current indication of the instruments to fully remote reading of all devices in the net by GPRS technology. The use of M-bus interface allows fully electronic reading of data with all the benefits of it.

In addition, wireless m-bus was shortly introduced to ease the readings in already existing buildings. Wireless readout simplifies the installation, eliminates cables (which reduces cost) and allows walk-by readouts. It works in permissable 868 MHz range in Europe and can be in several different modes, according to wireless m-bus standard.

We produce wireless m-bus concentrators and repeaters, which can work in modes T, S and C, allowing data collection from up to 450 meters. We support AES-128 Mode 5 encryption as it is defined by the standard. Our main concentrator have also wired m-bus slave interface, which is ideal for mixed-type networks with one centralised reading device. We also produce wireless concentrator, powered by m-bus, which is quite flexible in mixed-type networks.

In the future wireless devices will become more and more sophisticated, so we will continue to expand our product line in wireless devices.

Catalogue for remote readings

We offer the following wireless devices:

Wireless m-bus concentrator WRM-TS


Wireless m-bus concentrator for up to 240 wireless meters. Supports modes T and S and has wired m-bus slave interface.

Wireless m-bus concentrator/repeater WMR-IoT

WMR-IoT - USB master/repeater

Wireless m-bus reader, used for instantenous reading of OMS devices. Supports modes T1, T2, S1, S2, T1+C and T2+C. It is for direct USB connection to notebook/tablet/PC/phone and can be used for reading meters or analyzing network and signal strength. Provided with free software for wireless readings, both for Windows and Android. Can work also as a wireless repeater, but additional small power supply board or adapter are included in the complect.

Wireless m-bus concentrator WRMnano


Wireless m-bus concentrator, powered and read via wired m-bus interface. Supports modes T and S and AES-128 encryption/decryption for up to 64 wireless devices. It is powered from standard m-bus port and is 5 standard m-bus loads. Small dimensions make it easy to fit in every installation and help system integrators to collect easy wireless sensors and meters.

Wireless m-bus concentrator WIM 1


Wireless m-bus concentrator with WiFi interface. wmBus concentrator for up to 10 wireless m-bus devices. Powered via USB port from adapter and with WiFi interface. Designed to be used in single apartment/house and gives user ability to see data online. Will be available in Q2.2021.

Wireless m-bus repeater

Wireless repaters

We produce two types of wireless m-bus repeaters - one on external power supply and one on battery. External power supply by default is 230Vac, but we can use also DC voltage 10-36Vdc on request. Repeater on battery is with replaceable batteries, which normally should be replaced every 5 years.

Wireless m-bus pulse counter


Two-channel pulse counter with wireless m-bus. Data transmition in wireless m-bus mode T1 every minute, pulse inputs for reed-switch ('dry' contact), enclosure for wall mounting with IP54. Non-replaceable battery for 10+1 years of work.

Wireless m-bus temperature and humidity sensor


Temperature and Humidity sensor with wireless m-bus, mode T1. Data transmition every 60 seconds, non-replaceable battery for 11 years of work. Will be availabe in from Q2.2021.



First member of our wireless line is the wireless concentrator WRM-TS. It is intended to acquire data mostly from meters, working in wireless m-bus T or S modes. Up to 450 devices can be binded to our concentrator. It has also wired m-bus interface, which allows reading of all saved data through wired m-bus. WRM-TS is fully programmable and commands are ASCII-based, which allows easy installation even with simple serial terminal. Power supply is external (adapter, included in package), if ordered can be produced for DIN-rail mounting.

On the other hand, WMR-IoT is intended for quick walk-by remoter reading of wireless meters. It also works mainly in modes T and S and is powered directly through USB port of a notebook/tablet/PC. For that purpose is provided free Gineers software, which also can be used for determine signal strengths in desired building or just analyzing the current network. WRM-IoT can also be used as repeater, if programmed so. Repeaters usually need external power supply, because they work continiously. We provide two options - mains power supply by AC adapter or special Gineers plug-in power supply for 6 to 30 Vdc/Vac.

Mixed type concentrators and different wireless m-bus repeaters are continuing our product line. This gives opportunity to create full remote reading of whole buildings (and we do that). We always recomment using repeaters on power supply, but if there is no way to go for that options - then we produce battery powered repeaters. Our small concentrator for up to 64 devices is powered by 7mA, which is 5 standard m-bus loads for a converter.

We started also a line for wireless m-bus sensors, which will expand in the future with other sensors of that type.